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As someone who enjoys things like comics, competition, or anime, I often like to think up hypothetical scenarios of who would win what matchup throughout history. I’ve often seen fans or other community members do the same thing. However the paradigm or scenario that is setup often doesn’t make sense.


For instance, if I setup a theoretical match between Astralis now and Fnatic of 2015, the way people frame it is that Astralis would win purely on the basis of how the meta has evolved in the past three years. Most teams could win off the basis of their knowledge, but doing it that way dodges the entire point of the question for me. If all other values were fair, how would the in-form Fnatic fair against the current in-form Astralis?


That is a far more interesting question as it isn’t as clear cut. If that Fnatic had all of those players in their prime and were caught up on the modern meta, you have to ask a bunch of hard questions that tell us a lot about both teams. For instance, what map pool are we playing on? If Nuke is in for Cobblestone, then it’s clearly Astralis favored. What are the situations surrounding this encounter. If it is the third back-to-back-to-back event, then I think Fnatic would win in that event because one of Astralis’ best features is their ability to innovate and prepare by taking events off. What patch are we playing on? Is it the tec9 era or the modern era now?


This setup gets even more complicated when you talk about a game with multiple iterations that have wildly different strategies like Starcraft 2. Let’s say I setup a theoretical fight between ByuN of 2016 and DongRaeGu of late 2011. In order to make the scenario fair, I send ByuN back with his form of 2016, but without the knowledge of the five subsequent years of meta.


Who would win that encounter? I suspect DongRaeGu would because the patch, the tools, and ByuN’s weaknesses as a player all align for DongRaeGu of 2011 to beat ByuN of 2016. ByuN of 2016 can’t deal with multiangled harassment, he needs momentum (it’s why he essentially died after his reaper opening was taken out), and he was best at running over his opponents in a parade like style. So if you sent him back, I don’t think he could use it as nothing about his career tells me he could have refined the type of style that could amplify his own strengths and run over DRG.


Anyway, that’s how I think you should setup these who would win scenarios. By making the matchup as fair as possible so that you can actually talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the teams/players involved and how they’d interact.

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