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Today Nel reported that Felps is close to rejoining the MIBR lineup. This is a surprising move as it felt like there was some irreconcilable rift between felps and the rest of the MIBR players. That they were unable to work together on a professional level. When I first heard of this move, two historical comparisons instantly jumped into my mind: Fnatic and fnx/boltz.


The first was the Fnatic reunion. That was when JW, Flusha, dennis, olofmeister, and KRIMZ all reunited to play together after ELeague Atlanta 2017 Major. At the time, they had gotten worse results apart, so they believed that they could get better results together if they got over their differences. Technically they did by a little bit, but the squad never became a top tier team in CS:GO again.


The problem with the Fnatic squad was that it was played out, both in terms of meta and in terms of player form. The original dennis lineup still had a hangover effect from the team style that pronax had implemented. On top of that, olofmeister was the world’s best player. In the reunion, olofmeister was a good player, but nowhere near the same level.


So if we’re comparing this reunion to that lineup, the logic doesn’t make much sense. We already know how the lineup played out and that was in the past when fer was a godlike player. However, I think MIBR may be looking at this through the fnx comparison.


Not many people remember this, but fnx used to be one of the teammates of Fallen and fer back in KaBuM.TD. He was eventually removed from the team because he didn’t have the same drive that the other players did. The reason he was able to rejoin them in LG was because he had shown a lot of improvement during his period when he was playing in Games Academy and so the team believed that his motivation had come back.


In the report by Nel, he talked about how they were impressed by what Felps had done at INTZ. Perhaps the time at INTZ has helped Felps mature as a player to the point where he can now fit into the team. It is similar to when boltz came back to the lineup in 2017 after proving himself on Immortals.


Personally though, if MIBR do go through with this change, I don’t think they can run the same system as last time. As I pointed out before, fer is no longer the god he was in 2017. As that’s the case, I think it may be time to let Felps become the primary aggressive star on this team and build the team around him and coldzera. We’ll have to see what MIBR do should this move go through.

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