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Yesterday Dekay reported that MIBR were in talks with with kNg to see if he could join the active roster. I’m personally skeptical about it from an organizational point of view considering how badly he burned Immortals, 100 Thieves, and FNS. While he did apologize for what he did, there is still the entire issue of the visa. If he can’t play in NA, then there is no point in getting him at all and this entire discussion is moot.


As that’s the case, I’ll just spitball my gut reaction to the potential move. If we assume that TACO is going to join, then we have the original four core of the LG/SK lineup back together with kNg being the fifth. As for how it would work, I think the team would have to essentially revert back to the fnx style of play with a few adjustments. Coldzera would be the superstar passive player, KNg would be the aggressive AWPer who would open the rounds, fer would be the third aggressive option, and TACO/FalleN would be the support players.


While I kind of see where they are going with this, I think it’s just an inherently weaker lineup than what they had in LG/SK back in 2016. If we assume kNg was as good as his peak skill in Immortals, I’d still say he was inferior to FalleN back during the period of LG/SK. While FalleN can play a supportive rifler/secondary AWP on the CT-side, that wasn’t his best role. He’d be playing the fnx kind of role in this setup, so I’m not certain how it would work. Overall, it will likely play at a more consistent level than the mixed NA/BR iteration of MIBR, but I don’t see the vision in how they plan to be a top 3 team with this. Guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

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Sources: MiBR in discussions with kNgV- to join active roster

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