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Although the Gambit Youngers team was unable to pull off a victory in the semifinals, they did get a little bit of a laugh following the match when a player fell off the stage. The incident took place following a semifinals match of the WePlay! Forge of Masters tournament which saw GODSENT walk away victorious at their first event under the organization’s banner.

Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov was finishing up his individual handshakes and GG’s with GODSENT, the team who had just defeated his own in the match when he took a step backward and found there was no more stage beneath his feet and it was all caught on camera.

His teammate attempted to save him from the fall, latching on to his wrist but luckily for them both the drop wasn’t too far and the player was back on the stage just a few seconds later.

While the commentators didn’t seem to notice, his teammates got a good laugh as did a member of GODSENT who was right next to the tumble down below.

There’s been no mention of injury thus far and it’s assumed the only thing that may have been hurt was the Russian player’s pride.

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