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If you weren’t already a believer, you should be. FURIA has proven themselves yet again as a contender and a team that is capable of hanging with some of the best and more veteran lineups in CS:GO.

Having amassed a 19-0 record on Nuke following their 16-12 victory over fnatic yesterday, the Brazilian side is showing these victories aren’t limited to teams in the MDL or qualifiers which has made up a majority of their opponents over recent months.

Facing fnatic on Mirage initially, FURIA showed they have enough prowess on other maps to compete as well. Earlier in the tournament they bested NRG 16-7 on Overpass. FURIA also managed to take down Ghost in a best-of-five that went the distance with wins on Inferno, Nuke, and Cache in the recent ESL One Cologne North American qualifier.

The analysts, casters, and other figures in the scene are starting to recognize the team and their potential as well as seen by a flurry of tweets following yesterdays performance.

FURIA made impact when they earned their place in the early stages of the IEM Katowice 2019 Major. Since then their matches against the cream of the crop have been relatively limited but they’re getting their shot in Dallas and not disappointing.

Whether you’ve been a believer before or not, FURIA has a strong map pool and the skill to make any match an interesting one.

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