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With the offseason starting for CS:GO, so too has the roster shuffle. What makes this roster shuffle unique is how it has all cascaded down, like a line of dominoes. The team to have pused the first domino down was Astralis. Not through any manipulations or grand plans, but merely through existing. Their perfection at the top of CS:GO has convinced teams that the current rosters that they have now will not be enough to topple their regime.


The Danes then forced MIBR’s hand as they realized that something had to change. After getting TACO and zews, they have scouted out various options including kNG and kscerato. In the end they settled on felps and this marks a return to their 2017 lineup. This in turn pushed two dominoes down, Liquid and tarik. In the case of Liquid, they were left needing a new player and a coach. It currently looks like they will take Stewie2k from MIBR and potentially hire adreN as their coach.


This has left tarik benched on MIBR. While he isn’t in action, he has become the biggest free agent in the NA market as he is a lot of upsides: He’s a good to great player, can in-game lead to a certain extent, and does a lot of content.


This has caused numerous orgs to try to reach out to him, the most prominent one being compLexity. As for compLexity, ther woes have almost nothing to do with the top competitive level of CS:GO, but rather with their inability to find the level of play they had at the Major. That was their biggest moment in the past three months.


If I put myself in the shoes of compLexity, I can understand why they wanted to give this lineup and particularly yay as much time as they could. Yay was their primary star at the Major and so they wanted to give him as much time as they could possibly manage. However with the Major roster lock coming up, they were faced with a dilemma. Yay was hitting the ceiling most young stars hit at their career where for whatever reason, they’ve hit a wall. However, compLexity needed a team they could be confident in for the Major, and the current lineup wasn’t it. They’ve had five months together and realistically were only declining rather than growing in strength. Because of that, I really liked that they tried to get tarik.


Unfortunately for them, tarik looks to be sitting out and so they’ve already moved on. In a new report has come out from that rickeh is set to join coL as their new fifth. He’s a fairly experienced hybrid player and does have a level of aggression to him that could fit with stanislaw’s preferred system of play. As for Rogue, they’ve gone the way of getting tenzki, which makes sense given his history with MSL.


What I found most amusing about this entire roster shuffle was how globalized it was as it started with Astralis being invincible. This caused Brazil to change players, which forced NA roster shuffles all the way down and ending with another Danish player joining an NA org.


As an aside, Rambo was also let go by compLexity. While it’s hard to judge a coach as a majority of what he does is behind the scenes. I think he’s generally had positive impact on both the MVP and coL projects for the majority of the time he was there. If I was an org looking for a coach, I’d certainly try him out.

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