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There are certain characters out there that are too powerful to control. Think upon some of your favorite superheroes or comic books. Magneto had to be put in a glass box. Joker has to go to Arkham Asylum. In the case of FNS he has been put into Cloud 9’s Fortress of Solitude.


Think for a moment about what FNS did before entering Cloud 9. He orchestrated the greatest 80the Dimensional chess game the world has ever seen. He systematically took out both Brazilian teams, got out of CLG, got his visa, spited kNg, got koosta to Torqued, and created a slot for himself in Cloud 9.


In essence, this man was too dangerous and I’ve come to the conclusion that Cloud 9 did not actually want to hire him, but to imprison him. FNS’ moves were too many streets ahead for even the best GM’s, leaders, and analysts to follow. So the powers that be (likely WESA, PEA, RFRESH, and ESF) needed to lock him down. And what better way to do it then lure him in with a “spot” at Cloud 9? They paid Jason Lake the iron price of $200,000 (allegedly) dollars, but it was a small price to pay to keep this supervillain in check.


They gave him “time” to get results. Time of course mounting to about 3 days of practice. Look at the other structured teams in the world, Astralis, Na`Vi, SK last year, and you’ll notice it takes somewhere between 3-6 months before things start to get going. So 3 days of practice tells me that they weren’t planning to use him at all, except to trap him into a steel cage and stop him from taking over the entire NA scene. You


However even in prison, FNS’ plans still have domino effects. Imagine for a second that Cloud 9 had not rebelled to keep FNS in prison and think upon the NA scene. The only dangerous contingent for them is Liquid. MIBR has stagnated, NTC has gotten worse over time, NRG was on the rise, but failed at the Minors. This would be a perfect time for FNS to take over the entire NA scene. If he had achieved that, then Tarik would likely not leave Cloud 9 and MIBR could be in dire straits with Coldzera splitting from the core after the upcoming Major. Instead with FNS in prison, his vision cannot be fulfilled and instead the vacuum in MIBR has taken Tarik from Cloud 9.


With insane roster move after insane roster move happening, one does wonder if he isn’t concocting some farseeing plan even now.

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