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Thus far in Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert’s career, Brazil has been a wonderful place to compete. After all, he and his former Cloud9 teammates came out of nowhere to win the ESL Season 4 Finals in 2016 with a win over home town favorites SK Gaming in Brazil. And now, as a stand-in for mousesports, got his first win at ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018 over the Brazilian squad Não Tem Como.

N0thing checked in with VPEsports live from Brazil to talk about what the experience was like.


You just got your first post Cloud9 win, how did that feel?

The win felt good. It felt good just to be in the server competing again.  And even though we didn’t have preparation time we would have liked, it was still cool to focus on the task of winning a Counter-Strike match.


Were you nervous? What did it feel like playing in a major competition not wearing powder blue?

It definitely had the heart rate up a bit early, which was a feeling I’m used to and I accept it happily. Of course, I wanted to get more warmed up and comfortable, but it’s all part of the experience.  These guys have some great skill, so I want to continue keeping them as comfortable as possible.


How did you feel you played?

I felt like I didn’t interrupt their system much and was allowing them to still make their plays. I missed a few kills early that I wanted to get, but overall felt like I did my job. I actually made a few calls that may have helped us win some rounds, but overall I am just trying to allow Robin “ropz” Kool and Miikka “suNny” Kemppi and the other guys to just keep finding their kills.


How did the team play?

Good. Surprisingly we had pretty solid grenade usage and did an above average job of gathering information. We had a few missed plays here and there as well as going 1 for 4 in pistols. Seems that those were pretty much the rounds we lost.


Does this mean you are back or fielding offers?

Well it’s the same as it has been. I will field offers, but unless it’s a team I’m excited about, I’m not sure I will play.  It definitely is fun to be in the server and I can see myself competing again, but I don’t know about living in a team house or anything like that. I could live NEAR a team house and go to practice every day, but other than that I’m not sure.


Would you like to be a gun for hire rather than a full-time player with an org?

I don’t think that’s a super awesome option at the moment given the scene, but I do think having stand-ins will only become more regular as the scene progresses. Maybe you are onto something and there will be a big group of mercenaries like Deadpool ready to sub in. I think any team would want someone consistent as a backup, though.  This way you aren’t scared of showing them tactics.


How has mousesports taken to you so far?

The players and coach have been welcoming and easy-going guys.


How was it playing with them?

Cool. It’s a unique experience to play with so many different cultures all speaking english. They got some sick skill on this team.


Overall feelings?

I want to get some good “upsets” in that arena.  With their normal lineup it may not be an upset, but beating SK, Liquid, or Faze would probably count as one right now.

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