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Every now and again there’s a play you just want to share with the world and last night, we witnessed one of them.

During a best-of-three match for ESL Pro League’s Group A, Team Envy’s Noah “Nifty” Francis put his team on his back in a ridiculous 2v5 situation. Taking on the Brazilian side of DETONA Gaming, Ryan “ryann” Welsh and Nifty were left alone with the game at 25-25 (yes, massive overtime).

It all began with an insane 180-degree turnaround shot from Nifty on to a player attempting to get the flank from ladder.

From there Nifty was able to make quick work of a player down by old bomb while ryann took down one of his own before getting enough reprieve to plant the bomb.

After ryann fell, it was all on Nifty who was clearly up to the task as he took an aggressive peek onto the player pushing on to bomb train before making an excellent read to set up for the kill on the final player heading out of ivy.

This round helped propel Envy to a map win which was desperately needed as they fell 16-12 on the following map of Dust2 before bouncing back with another overtime victory on Inferno.

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