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The Esports Championship Series has revealed record breaking numbers on YouTube for its Season 6 Finals. The event took place at the Esports Stadium Arlington, Texas and found its main stream on YouTube as part of a partnership between the organizer and the streaming/video platform. The ECS Season 6 Finals had $600,000 up for grabs with the majority going to Astralis who took home the trophy. The ECS was the first esports league to offer co-ownership and revenue share to teams.

The English broadcast on YouTube saw a peak concurrent viewership of 233,950 viewers, breaking the record for all CS:GO streams to date on the platform. In addition, there were 2.4 million hours of content viewed during the event.

ECS and YouTube have been partners since Season 4 with a steady rise in viewership since. While this is impressive for YouTube, the average concurrent for CS:GO tournaments on Twitch is a much higher number.

“We’re constantly working with YouTube to bring our fans the best possible viewing experience and to see that effort reflected in such phenomenal viewing figures is extremely rewarding,” said Michele Attisani, CBO and co-founder of FACEIT said in the official press release. “The ever increasing ECS viewership proves the immense strength of YouTube as an esports viewing platform and we’re excited to keep building that audience together. We’re continually developing new ways to engage with our viewers such as the loot drop system we introduced in Season 4.”

For more details on ECS, you can check out its official site here.


(Photo: Joe Stephens / Joe Brady)

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