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Once a month, I take questions on Twitter and respond to almost all of them in a multi-part series. Below are my answers to the third part of my Pre-Major mailbag. Read the second part here.


I don’t think BIG have had enough time with xantares yet. I haven’t seen or heard anything inspiring about Swedish teams behind the scenes but if I had to pick a team to perform, it would be Fnatic. I believe they could do some damage this year.


I think he has a few of them. OpTic being the most likely in my opinion.


No real updates here. I think Pasha will stream and neo will eventually retire. Those are just my guesses though.


There is definitely a limited time span in which they’ll stay committed to Golden. I’m not sure what that length of time is though. My guess based on their recent sentiment is that they expect him back right after Katowice. If he still isn’t read I feel like things could get a bit dicey.


My answer for this is probably Team Liquid. I’m not super high on teams that make changes prior to the Major but something tells me they will still perform extremely well.


I haven’t heard a single thing regarding Swedish teams making changes. I also haven’t heard anyone talking about potential stars in the making from Sweden, so who knows.


I picked them as my dark horse, so naturally I’ll say yes. I think they can do something similar to what compLexity did in London where they made top 8. I don’t think they’ll be under a ton of pressure which should help them play confident.


Trying to get into FPL is probably the most efficient way right now. I’m not particularly sure where the best place to look for a team is, but spending some time on one is definitely valuable. This has been asked numerous times on Reddit so do some searching there as well.


Emotion and temptation. I think those are two large factors. Players are also impatient. It is much easier to blame poor performance on a recent roster change than actually taking responsibility. On top of that, Majors typically come after long seasons of online play that players consider a chore. When that finally ends, players write off their current roster or specific players. The choice then becomes: play the Major with a broken team or make a change while hoping for the best.


If Na’Vi replace him I can only expect a player like ange1 coming in for him. No one on Na’Vi should in-game lead so they need a like for like replacement for Zeus. s1mple has always had respect for ange1 so that makes the most sense in my opinion.


As far as I know they never really offered anyone else this time around until they landed on AdreN. I know players Xantares and Coldzera have claimed to have received offers in the past but I’m not sure they were official/formal offers. I was told by numerous people that pronax was never considered despite what others said.


I don’t expect them to make it out of the top 24 teams. Cutting two players so close to the Major would have only helped if they recruited some superstars. I think they’ll be exposed by more talented and prepared teams. After the Major, I assume they’ll gun for Tarik to fill the spot n0thing is in right now. I’m not convinced he’ll take them up on it though. Other than that, I don’t know who they can get. If I am Jason Lake, I’m sending RUSH and autimatic blank checks and paying their buyouts.


Out of all the teams he could potentially join, I think NRG makes the most sense. They are a team with high upside that are one move way from doing some serious damage. Tarik could bring what they lack and get back to playing the style he enjoys.


Nothing insane has been mentioned recently. In the past, rumors like gla1ve or shox to FaZe for Karrigan in early 2018 were pretty wild.


Fallen tops this list for me. I’m not entirely sure if it was his fault or if the whole dynamic of his rosters made his play suffer. Either way it was disappointing to see a player so legendary struggle as much as he did. Here is to hoping he can change that in 2019.


I think both are plausible and it is more likely he keeps his form than them winning a Major. They need to make a change that replaces Edward and/or Zeus. I’m tired of people making excuses for them to remain on the roster.


As far as I know they didn’t ask him, but it is plausible. As far as I know they reached out to Adren immediately, so it’s equally as possible they didn’t even consider seangares.


They have a chance but their group is the worst to try and get out of. I don’t see them escaping unfortunately.

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