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Valve has released another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and this time it’s all about Danger Zone.

The games battle royale mode received a new map along with new items, respawning, and more. Included in those items are the ExoJump Boots, Bump Mines, and various other interesting additions coming in future updates.

If you’re already thinking “respawning, I think they got that from somewhere else” – well they also added a pinging system.

For now, players will only be able to play Sirocco as their Danger Zone map so just jump in and give it a try.

One bit included in the update but not for Danger Zone was a fix for the lobby exploit that allowed sv_cheats to be enabled by other players.

You can find the full patch notes below:

– Updated Danger Zone with a new map, new items, respawning, and more. For full details visit
– ExoJump Boots are now available. Hold the jump key for a high jump or crouch before jumping for a long jump.
– Bump Mines are now available. Toss one on the ground to send yourself (or an opponent) flying.
– The remaining new items and upgrades will be unlocked in future updates – check back and see what’s new!
– Blacksite is temporarily unavailable in official matchmaking.
– Your teammate will now appear wearing a blue uniform.
– A player pinging system has been added, bound to Mouse 3 by default (command “player_ping”)
– A radial weapon select menu has been added to allow quick visual selection of weapons/items. This menu is customizable by editing the radial_quickinventory.txt file. (command “+quickinv”)

[ MISC ]
– Fixed a lobby exploit

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