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Shortly after its removal from the competitive map pool, it seems Cache is under renovation. The map which was created by FMPONE had been a stable of the Counter-Strike map pool for years before being replaced by Vertigo in March.

While Cache was often played during tournaments and leagues, Vertigo has seen very limited play thus far as teams continue to develop their strategies and attempt to learn the map.

During this brief time, however, FMPONE has nearly completely remastered his map. The maps creator provided an overview image of the map with green check marks over many areas of the map symbolizing the reworks have been completed. Several areas still remain unmarked, however, as A & B Main, Squeaky, Sun Room, and other areas are still waiting for theirs.

While this is great news and fans of the map may be able to check it out and practice it on custom servers soon, it is very unlikely that we’ll be seeing Cache in the active duty map pool anytime soon.

There is a very limited chance that Valve would retract Vertigo or another map to open up a spot for Cache so soon. The map pool had remained the same for a year following Dust2’s readmittance over Cobblestone last April.

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