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In a crazy match in which one team would be eliminated and their chances of attending the Major removed, fnatic came up short. A stellar performance from CR4ZY saw Serbian, Lithuanian, and Finnish mix take the series 2-0 over the Swedish side.

A team that has been on the cusp of a top 10 team according to Sean “seang@res” Gares, CR4ZY just crossed a massive threshold by earning a spot at the most prestigious event in CS:GO.

The series was tightly contested with both maps going the way of CR4ZY with a 16-13 scoreline. Another similarity would be the ability to put together a flurry of rounds right at the end to close out the game by CR4ZY. fnatic found themselves down 12-3 at the half in map one, Train, and although they went on a nice streak of their own in the second half winning 10 of the first 11 rounds, their opponents would come alive at the end and put together three in a row to seal it. In similar fashion, dust2 saw themselves make a run for it in the second half before a later game surge by CR4ZY turned it from a 12-10 game in favor of the Swedes into a 16-13 victory for themselves.

Emotions have already been put on display for the fnatic side, with Jesper “JW” Wecksell stating that it’s “time to take a step back and reflect upon things” after missing the first Major of his career.

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