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According to a report from, STYKO may be a candidate to standin for Cloud 9 at ESL Cologne. This got me thinking and I believe that Cloud 9 have a chance to become a better team with two key upgrade: STYKO and mixwell.

Given the state of the entire scene and what is readily available, STYKO is a good choice (assuming the buyout isn’t extensive). He’s a solid player, speaks English, and is willing to play roles that facilitates the other players on the team. This could lead to two options, either you have a support core of RUSH and STYKO, which is good or this allows RUSH to become more of a star player (or my personal preference is entry-fragger like when he was on OpTic). He’s a good choice for a fifth, but the essential problem of Cloud 9 is still unresolved. Tarik is your inconsistently high fragging leader. Autimatic is your star player. RUSH/STYKO are your support duo or RUSH can be a sometimes impactful star/entry fragger. Finally, Skadoodle is your inconsistent AWPer who doesn’t add much to the firepower slot.

So if Cloud 9 go with STYKO, I think they should also look for an upgrade in Skadoodle. At this point it doesn’t matter if it’s a rifler or an AWPer, but why not someone that can do both and has pre-existing chemistry with some of the players? The answer here is mixwell. He adds firepower, allows more flexibility, and has shown he is willing to play in NA. With that five man roster, you also get to play the fast paced run and gun style that Tarik seems to favor as an in-game leader. I think this is the move to get Cloud 9 back up from it’s declining form.


+STYKO +mixwell

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