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Day 2 of ESL Cologne has ended with surprising results. ENCE continued on their tear as they eliminated Mouz from the tournament 2-0. North did the same thing with Liquid. It was truly the most American of Days as the American representatives showed the European Union how free we all truly are.


I was asleep for some of the earlier matches, but was able to catch FaZe vs MIBR and Cloud 9 vs Na`Vi. I’ll save FaZe for the next blog post and get to the meat of this blog, the Cloud 9 problem.


After Cloud 9 won the Major, they went on a slump and were crashing. Soon after Stewie2K left to join SK (now MIBR) and FNS was picked up by Cloud 9. The idea at the time was to shift from the skill based loose style that they was no longer working and shift to the more structured style of FNS.


In the end that lasted 3 days. I can understand where the Cloud 9 players are coming from. If they like that style of play, then stick with it. However they do not have the requisite players needed to fulfill that playstyle. Skadoodle isn’t good enough in terms of raw firepower. There is no fifth on the market that the Cloud 9 org is willing to pay for that can fill that gap. They’ve gone from event to event with mediocre showing upon mediocre showing.


However the team has an alternative. They still have FNS on their bench. As rosters will break up post Major, why not give FNS the wheel? There is still time for him to structure this team to his playstyle and calling and see if he can’t do it from now until the Major. I think this is Cloud 9’s best shot if they want to get something done right now. If not, they can just wait around and dilly dally like with what happened at the end of OpTic.

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