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In the finals between Liquid and Mouz, everyone will remember ChrisJ’s heroics on the CT-side of that map where he got an ace that essentially broke Liquid. While that was a brilliant moment of individual prowess that is one of the plays of the year, I’d like to highlight something that was underrated in the moment.


Specifically how he created space across rounds. When people use the term space in CS:GO, they most often mean physical space. However there are other types of space such as time in terms of seconds or psychological. In this particular case, I mean space across rounds and psyche. In this half of Mirage, ChrisJ rushed B twice. Once in round 4 where he got a kill before being traded. Then again in round 13 where he broke open the site.


So by the time round 14 happens, the idea of “ChrisJ could rush B and try to get an opening duel to break the site” had been implanted in the minds of Liquid. So when ChrisJ does the exact same move in this round, Liquid are completely prepared with nades and angles and take him out.


However that move was solely to setup the palace explosion of the other Mouz players as the three players there all immiedately attack A after ChrisJ has confirmed the two players at B. This completely surprises the Liquid side as they had been playing aggressively at T ramp and underpass to make up for their lack of economy, which is something that ChrisJ or one of the other Mouz members could have read.


Thus by ChrisJ rushing B three times (winning twice and dying third) created space on every dimension. He created psychological space in the minds of Liquid to focus on B in that 14th round. He created space for a tactic to become more effective because of his success. Finally he created physical space within that round by rushing B and pulling their attention.

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