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In a report from Dekay, Cloud 9 will loan Golden from Fnatic and continue to loan STYKO from Mouz. However STYKO looks likely to become a permanent member of the squad. This moves comes off the fact that Tarik will be leaving to join MIBR in place of Boltz (A report also done by Dekay, he’s pretty good). So it makes sense that they would want an in-game leader. I had assumed that the leader was going to be FNS, but apparently that isn’t the case. They’d rather loan out Golden from Fnatic who isn’t really that skilled of a player, but has proven chops as an in-game leader. His style of calling was very default centric and based around making individual plays (though I can’t tell how much of it was a compromise between him and the players on the squad). Regardless, this team doesn’t have that level of individual talent to run that style. Their best remaining player is Autimatic, but he needs a strong space creator. At this juncture, RUSH can no longer be a support, he has to switch back to entry if this team is to work out. Even then, I have doubts about the skill of Skadoodle as AWPer as he needs to be the star of this lineup. I do like STYKO as a support player, but he cannot make up for the loss of Tarik.

Finally, the strangest piece of information I got from the report is that FNS is still indefinitely benched. This may be the most expensive buyout of a player (allegedly 200,000) just so they could bench the guy.

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