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The MIBR victory over Astralis yesterday was huge for MIBR. As a team they have struggled for months and across nearly every LAN they attended. At BLAST Istanbul, they got close to beating Astralis, but were unable to close it out. At ECS Season 6 yesterday, they were able to do it.


This was a great victory, but one I’m uncertain can be replicated as it required Coldzera, fer, and FalleN playing a great game. While Coldzera is someone you can count on to show up consistently, it’s harder to say with fer and FalleN. Fer has been having an off year compared to what he was at in 2017 so I don’t know if he can keep producing this amount of impact this consistently. As for FalleN, I think he got better prior to his slump, but this particular performance was far closer to his Bad FalleN days of 2016.


What I do think does carry over is the mental aspect. While people logically in their minds try to think, “I can beat anyone,” it becomes less convincing when you are faced with a team heralded as the best in the world or against someone you’ve always lost to. For instance, back in the TSM days, the Danes were a better team than NiP, but didn’t get over that hump and it broke them at Cluj-Napoca.


For VeryGames, they were able to beat NiP in a match that didn’t mean much to NiP, but meant the world to VeryGames and became a factor when VeryGames eventually superseded them to become the world’s number one. In this particular matchup, FalleN had tweeted the question as to who could beat Astrlais. This was Thorin’s reply to him:



Soon after the MIBR victory over Astralis, FalleN tweeted this:



While this was just a group stage game, I think this was an important victory at least psychologically for MIBR. Something that should give them more confidence as before they thought, “We can win.” Whereas now they’ll think,. “We can win because we did it before.”

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