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Today, neL reported that Vitality is looking to replace Happy with ALEX. This isn’t too surprising for a number of different reasons. First is that the lineup has been together for five months and at that point, teams aren’t going to significantly jump up in level as a 5 man line-up, so something had to change.


I haven’t watched enough Vitality games to figure out what player needed to be changed. As that’s the case, we can look to the power dynamics of the team. ZywOo is someone they have to keep as he is the clear best player on the team. After that NBK and apEX came into this squad as a duo with NBK being the leader. Finally, and most importantly, both NBK and apEX have expressed in the past that they didn’t necessarily want to play with Happy again. They gave this try as he wasn’t the in-game leader this time, but it’s clear after 5 months that it wasn’t going to work.


So the question after that is which player they should get. If we assume that NBK will continue being the leader, then I think the two best lurker prospects in the French scene (based on limited LAN results) are Amanek and ALEX. While Amanek is considered the better player, I found that his main strength seems to be in the small man situations. ALEX on the other hand is a bit more flexible as he plays both entry and lurker, but generally does it in the 5v5 situations. On top of that, ALEX was the in-game leader of LDLC and he could use that experience to be the secondary caller for this team and potentially fill a void with Happy leaving.


Given all of those factors, I do think that ALEX is probably a better fit for the squad than Amanek.

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