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Today, Mouz announced that they have benched ChrisJ, STYKO, and will remove lmbt as coach. The move was made after Mouz were eliminated in the EU Minors. I’ve written about this particular roster before and how they’ve hit a hard spot in their roster.


Every player on this team had a strong function. Oskar has been Mouz’s best player across 2018. SuNny and ropz were their secondary and third stars. ChrisJ is a high impact player, especially for the in-game leading role. STYKO was a critical glue guy that gave the team a base of teamplay and comms.


When looking at the way this team was created, there were two options. Mouz can either stick to the core and upgrade the star players or remove the core and try to radically change the team. The “core” meaning the basic pillars that define the team’s playstyle. The three players that defined the core of Mouz for me were: oskar, ChrisJ, and STYKO.


That is the move Mouz did as they have benched ChrisJ and STYKO. In general this move makes a lot of sense, unless you start accounting for player form. If I was to pick out players who did badly relative to their roles, the biggest underachievers on the team were suNny and ropz. Neither of them have lived up to the star billing of their roles or positions. I think both have hit a sophomore slump in their careers.


If we were looking at Mouz in exclusion, then I’d say this is the wrong move. If we’re looking at Mouz relative to the entire competitive scene, this moves makes a lot of sense as there is a game-breaking in-game leader out on the market right now in Karrigan.


In order to attract Karrigan, this is potentially a great move. They have removed their in-game leader and coach, essentially signifying that if he joined their team, he’d be the biggest voice on the team. With the removal of STYKO, Mouz can use the 5th slot to try to attract a player that could sweeten the deal for Karrigan. Finally, once Karrigan comes into the team, he can figure out what the best composition is for the players on the active roster and on the bench as he did back in FaZe when he benched jkaem for kioShiMa.

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