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We’re just two days away from BLAST Pro Series Miami and the schedule is out. The event will run from April 12-13 and have $250,000 up for grabs for the six attending teams. The team that finishes in first will walk away with 50% of that prize pool at $125,000.

It was the Danish powerhouse that is Astralis to hoist the trophy in São Paulo with a 2-1 victory of Team Liquid. Astralis will once again enter the event as the favorites, however, Team Liquid has shown the ability to take a map and Natus Vincere looks to be on an upswing.

Natus Vincere claimed victory at the StarSeries i-League Season 7 grand finals last week and will be looking to convert that success into momentum in Miami.

BLAST Pro Series Miami schedule:

Friday, April 1

Round one
17:00 –  MIBR vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1
17:00 –  Astralis vs.  Cloud9 | BO1
17:00 –  Liquid vs.  FaZe | BO1

Round two
18:30 –  Cloud9 vs.  Liquid | BO1
18:30 –  FaZe vs.  MIBR | BO1
18:30 –  Astralis vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1

Saturday, April 13

Round three
12:00 –  Cloud9 vs.  FaZe | BO1
12:00 –  Astralis vs.  MIBR | BO1
12:00 –  Liquid vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1

Round four
13:20 –  Astralis vs.  Liquid | BO1
13:20 –  Cloud9 vs.  MIBR | BO1
13:20 –  FaZe vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1

Round five
14:40 –  MIBR vs.  Liquid | BO1
14:40 –  Cloud9 vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1
14:40 –  Astralis vs.  FaZe | BO1

16:00 – BLAST Pro Series Stand-off

17:00 – Grand final | BO3

BLAST Pro Series Miami will be the last event from the tournament organizer using Cache as it was revealed they would be swapping to Vertigo in Madrid.

Vertigo was officially announced as a competitive map replacement for Cache on March 28. It did not come into open and awaiting arms, however, as much of the community pleaded for it to be an early April fools joke.

This wasn’t the case however and Valve has already released an update targeting many issues that they have found or which were brought forth by the community.

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