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The maps and schedule for the upcoming BLAST Pro Series Madrid event have been released. The six-team event starts on Friday and offers up $250,000 in prize money with the victors walking away with $125,000 of it.

RFRSH has done things a little differently from other tournament organizers by allowing map picks to be done ahead of time. This has been unique to the tournament since its inception.

In doing so, teams are able to properly prepare for what’s on the menu and in turn hopefully provide fans the best and most competitive matches.

One thing to note is that this will be the first official event for BLAST to have Vertigo in the map pool in place of Cache. While noting it, you can also write down that not a single match up currently scheduled will be played on it.

There are currently five maps listed as to be determined (TBD) due to the last spot not finalized quite yet as the Iberian Play-In victor will be decided just before the matches kick off.

BLAST Madrid maps and schedule:

Round one
 Cloud9 vs.  Iberian Play-In | TBD
 ENCE vs.  Natus Vincere| Mirage
 Astralis vs.  NiP | Dust2

Round two
 NiP vs.  ENCE | Nuke
 Cloud9 vs.  Natus Vincere| Mirage
 Astralis vs.  Iberian Play-In |TBD

Round three
 Astralis vs.  Natus Vincere | Dust2
 Cloud9 vs.  ENCE| Nuke
 NiP vs.  Iberian Play-In | TBD

Round four
 Astralis vs.  ENCE | Dust2
 Cloud9 vs.  NiP| Nuke
 Natus Vincere vs.  Iberian Play-In | TBD

Round five
 Astralis vs.  Cloud9 | Inferno
 NiP vs.  Natus Vincere| Dust2
 ENCE vs.  Iberian Play-In | TBD

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