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With BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles set to start this weekend, the maps for all five rounds have been revealed. The opening round will feature Mirage, Nuke, and Inferno being played and it won’t be the only times we’ll see those three maps either.

Liquid is poised to show off their depth in the map pool by playing Inferno, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, and Vertigo resulting in a different map for each round. The Liquid vs. Renegades match in round five will be the only time Vertigo is played during this stage.

MIBR on the other hand will be playing Mirage three times and Inferno twice.

Following the round-robin stage which you can view below, the event will turn into two best-of-three semifinals with the winners of course moving into the grand finals later that day.

Round 1

 MIBR vs.  Renegades | Mirage
 FaZe vs.  NRG | Nuke
 Liquid vs.  Cloud9 | Inferno

Round 2

 FaZe vs.  Renegades | Train
 Liquid vs.  NRG | Overpass
 MIBR vs.  Cloud9 | Mirage

Round 3

 Renegades vs.  NRG | Dust2
 FaZe vs.  Cloud9 | Mirage
 MIBR vs.  Liquid | Mirage

Round 4

 Cloud9 vs.  Renegades | Inferno
 FaZe vs.  Liquid | Nuke
 MIBR vs.  NRG | Inferno

Round 5

 MIBR vs.  FaZe | Inferno
 Liquid vs.  Renegades | Vertigo
 Cloud9 vs.  NRG | Nuke

The six team event will take place from July 12 to 13 inside of the 10,000 seat Galen Center. The tournament will have the usual $250,000 up for grabs even with the adjusted format.

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