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The Danes from Astralis did it again. Dev1ce and co. continue their reign as the best team in the world, defeating Finnish Cinderellas ENCE Esport in front of a sold-out Spodek Arena in Katowice.

Train: Astralis win 16-11

ENCE knew they couldn’t beat Astralis playing a “normal” tempo Counter-Strike, so the Finns came out fast and strong in the opening rounds. They took the pistol and the next round, but by the first gun run, the Danes had figured out what ENCE were doing and took firm stranglehold of Train.

The usual combination of great fragging and utility usage led to a 11-4 half for Astralis, in good position to take map one.

Yet comeback almost happened in the second half, with ENCE winning the first three rounds of the half. Even after Astralis retaliated and put the score to 14-7, ENCE rallied to win four themselves.

But this was still Astralis and this was still clutch god Xyp9x playing for them. Even in man advantage scenarios, ENCE couldn’t clutch away match point from Astralis and Train went to the Danes.

ENCE would now spawn on the dreaded Inferno, a map Astralis are currently flawless on.

Inferno: Astralis win 16-4

Before this grand final, Astralis were on a 14-0 streak on Inferno. Now, as they claim their third Major championship, they are 15-0.

Most fans called this a boring Major grand final, given the demolishing dominance of the reigning champions. For the rest, however, this still marked an important moment in CS:GO: the further establishment of Astralis as the GOATs of the game.

By triumphing in Katowice, Astralis even out both records of the 2013-2015 Fnatic, becoming the second team in CS:GO to win three Majors with two back-to-back. Given the distance between them and everybody else, and their reign over the CS:GO scene, few can argue that the Danes are now the best team to ever play the game.

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