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The reign continues as Astralis take home yet another title in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Danish side have been crowned back-to-back BLAST Pro Series champions thanks to their victory in São Paulo.

Astralis went undefeated during their run in Brazil, playing Dust2 a total of five times and coming away victorious on four of them. They would battle Team Liquid in their opening match on the map and come out on top with a 16-13 victory. When the two teams met again in the grand finals it was Liquid who would pick up the map, showing just how close the two teams are on the map.

Unfortunately for Liquid, it seems thats the only map they’re that close on that fans got to see. Astralis would run away with a 16-8 victory on Inferno before embarassing the North American side on Overpass where the strolled with tease to a 16-2 win.

Astralis was tested throughout the event but it never seemed they were out of the drivers seat. Whenever a team managed to keep it close, it seemed Astralis new just how to change and adjust in the end game to close it out and continue their streak. Astralis gave up double digits in all 5 of its best-of-one matches.

Since the team added Emil “Magisk” Reif to the roster, they’ve competed in 19 tournaments, appeared in 15 finals, come away victors in 12 of them and won back-to-back Majors in addition to their back-to-back wins at BLAST, ECS Finals, and EPL Final.

A picture of the team should be next to the word “dominant” in the dictionary.

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