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Another trophy has been added to the case for Astralis as they finish in first place at the ECS Season 8 Finals in Arlington, Texas. The Danish team took down Liquid 2-1 in the grand finals to secure the trophy and $250,000 first-place prize.

This was the ninth time the two teams had battled it out in 2019 and Astralis once again showed they have the upper hand. Even with a surprising map pick by Liquid which saw the North American team walk away with a 1-0 lead in the series, Astralis regained control.

The Danes would bounce back from an overtime loss on Vertigo to win a 16-11 match on Nuke to push it to a third and final map.

Dust2 would be the final proving grounds, a map which saw both teams dominate their competition on across the year and one of the maps Liquid had previously found their success against Astralis on.

The story would be different this time as Astralis put up their best performance of the series in limiting their rivals to only eight rounds on their way to a 2-1 series victory and a 16-8 final map.

Keith “NAF” Markovic would be the only player for Liquid who finished with a positive kill-to-death difference at +9. It was a strong overall performance by the Canadian player who also worked up 91.9 average damage per round, the highest in the server.

Another star finals performance out of Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz saw him lead the board for Astralis and earn yet another ECS MVP title.

ECS Season 8 Finals standings:

1st – Astralis – $225,000
2nd – Liquid – $100,000
3rd-4th: fnatic – $50,000
3rd-4th: Evil Geniuses – $50,000
5th-6th: MIBR – $25,000
5th-6th: NiP – $25,000
7th-8th: Sharks – $12,500
7th-8th: AVANGAR – $12,500

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