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Rush B Media reported that mixwell was to standin for Cloud 9 at ESL Cologne. It makes sense as mixwell is a free agent and he has played with Tarik and Rush before. From the outside, it looks like a potential trial for mixwell to get into Cloud 9. Considering all of the various moves that are possible right now for Cloud 9, this one does make sense. As far as I know there isn’t a large buyout associated with mixwell and he is a versatile player. He could be a good 5th for this team, but it doesn’t fix the inherent problem that this team has.

Cloud 9 is a team that currently runs on a high skill based looser style. Because of that you need a lot of firepower. When I look at this lineup, the obvious point of contention is Skadoodle. However he seems to be immortal so even should mixwell join this team permanently, I can’t bring myself to think that Cloud 9 will improve much in the overall world rankings.

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