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The online closed qualifiers for the London FACEIT Major are over and the first region that will be played is the US of A, merely 3 days after Independence Day. Truly patriotic, except of course that it’s being played in London. On a more serious note, I actually like that the FACEIT guys are having the minors held in London as it forces all prospective players to get Visas before the big event.


As for the event itself only two qualify and the obvious pick to make it out is NRG. After that it is anyone’s game as the tier of play that is played here has a lot of parity. If I had to pick some teams to look out for, I’d pick compLexity, Rogue, and NTC.


compLexity has some veterans in stanislaw and ShahZam with some newer talent. As for overall roster, I think Rogue seems to have a decent mix of players with Hiko, cadiaN, Rickeh, Sick, and vice. If I was asked before ESL Belo Horizonte I’d have gone with NTC as I think fnx, kNg, and felps are by far the best players in this thing, but so far the entire team has underwhelmed me.


Either way it’s going to be a bloodbath to see who gets second place to NRG.

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