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On Jan. 4, Amanek’s contract ended with LDLC.


With that announcement, he has entered the pool of free agents. While the community have him pegged as the next French player to join either G2 or Vitality, I’m not as convinced. Amanek was probably the best or second best player in the LDLC lineup, but that particular team only had one good result to its name.


On top of that, you have to consider the timeline of the roster moves both top French teams have made. G2 acquired Lucky and JaCkz at the end of November 2018. Vitality got ALEX at the end of December 2018. Amanek’s contract ended on Jan. 4. If we assume that both teams had done their due diligence on when his contract expired, then both teams should have realized that he was on the free market.


If either team really wanted him, they could have waited a month (in G2’s case) or a few days (in Vitality’s case) to get him. As neither side did, I’m going to assume that he was lower on the pecking order for both teams. As that’s the case, I’m uncertain about Amanek’s future in the French scene or even if the French scene will continue to be a domestic scene going forward.


Both top French teams have the potential to go to an international squad. Ocelote has shown interest in the past of making an international CS:GO team and the only thing that stops him is that Shox has yet to be convinced. If results continue to not show up, perhaps that could change Shox’s mind and they could start looking for international players. While Vitality has stuck with the French scene currently, they already have three players who have the ability to play in an international lineup in NBK, apEX, and ALEX. Having said that, I don’t know how good ZywOo’s English is as I think he’d be the deciding vote considering he is the best player on the team.


So while I think Amanek should wait it out until the end of the Major cycle to see the moves of the French scene, it’s no guarantee that he will find himself in either of the French scenes. If that’s the case then, his other option is to go to NA as he still has a good reputation in the region and he’s already had experience playing abroad.

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