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Sometimes, a younger player has some growing up to do. This was the moral of one story that followed the recent ASUS ROG Join the Republic Challenge, involving veteran CS:GO caster Henry “HenryG” Greer and aspiring talent Yaroslav “isk” Issakov.

Isk was drafted in HenryG’s team for the exhibition tournament and their UK team actually made it far, all the way to the grand final. There, they faced the Polish squad of Piotr “izak” Skowyrski — and lost.

Although Join the Republic traditionally has no prize pool and is made to promote young talent, the loss didn’t sit well with Isk. In now deleted tweets, the player called out his teammates and got in multiple arguments with people on Twitter.

“One thing I understood, my future is never going to be with a UK team apart from 1 or 2 individuals, culture and mentality is way different,” Isk tweeted.

isk henryg tweets

isk henryg tweets

The player did eventually apologize, saying he “messed up too many times to give any excuses” and that it is the game that evokes his periods of rage, but not before his captain, HenryG, called him out.

“I’m very disappointed in your petulant finger pointing,” HenryG tweeted. “This was supposed to be a fun experience where you guys could get exposure and show team spirit. You have a lot to learn in becoming a man.”

Apart from the drama, Join the Republic 2019 marks the third victory in a row for Izak’s Team Poland. In 2017, Izak defeated Mikail “Maikelele” Bill’s Sweden. The next year, Poland prevailed over Sweden again, the latter this time led by Adam “friberg” Friberg.

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