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One of the more exciting roster moves in recent history was Hobbit joining HellRaisers. Hobbit was once one of the best players in the world, but ever since Zeus left Gambit, the Gambit team slowly disintegrated over time. For a period after Zeus left, Hobbit was still an amazing player and continued to be so up until the point where he decided to try to be the in-game leader. Then he also lost his form and the entire team just wallowed away.


So Hobbit playing with HellRaisers and under ANGE1 is an exciting prospect as his potential as a player is amazing. So for me, the question is what will HellRaisers do with him. For Supernova Malta and ESL Proleague Season 8, there was no time for the team to build or learn anything as he had just joined, so it made complete sense for the squad to just have Hobbit take on bondik’s roles 1 for 1.


Overall they’ve had a decent performance considering the lack of practice. They beat Gambit, beat TyLoo 2-0, and lost to NRG 0-2 at Malta. At Odense, they beat Renegades in a bo1, lost to Astralis 1-2, and lost to G2 1-2.


As a raw base, it isn’t that bad of a start, even the loss to G2 isn’t that bad if you consider the fact that both shox and kennyS popped off. Right now though, HellRaisers have a chance to rebuild the system. While it is easier to just slot in a player, the advantage of rebuilding the entire thing is that it will integrate the new player into the system and could make acute shifts that radically change the face of the team. That’s what gla1ve did with Astralis when Magisk joined the team. In the case of HellRaisers, the old team was defined by woxic and ISSA. What kept that team from getting better results was that they were unable to consistently get both star players to pop off and the other players and the team weren’t enough to compensate when one of them wasn’t having a good game.


With Hobbit however, they can either bolster that system or they could potentially even make him the second star of the team behind someone like woxic (whose potential with the AWP seems to be the real deal thus far). If I was to compare Hobbit at his peak compared to ISSAA, I think Hobbit is the superior player. On the other hand, Hobbit is far more likely to succeed in the soldier roles so I’ll be curious to see how they decide to move forward as a squad in 2019.

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