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Yesterday I was watching HellRaisers vs Astralis and in the second map there was a great sequence in the first half of Dust2 in the opening rounds of that game. Astralis played on the T-side while HellRaisers were on the CT-side.


Astralis’ opening tactics on their rifle rounds had them do fast explosive hits. In the third round they rushed short and long. In the fourth, they tried to rush long. In both rounds, they were completely shut down.


The following round had HellRaisers then gamble stack three players at B in the beginning of the round and they stayed there until woxic went down at long. From ANGE1’s point of view, there are multiple things to consider.


In the context of the series, Astralis are the heavy favorites to win the overall series, even though HellRaisers had won map 1. Second, HellRaisers have yet to practice with Hobbit as a fifth player of their team. Third, HellRaisers had some bank to gamble with, so now was the time to make a gamble without being heavily punished for it. Finally, woxic is HellRaisers best player and he must go off if HellRaisers want to upset Astralis.


Considering both of those options I think HellRaisers should make intelligent gambles depending, cut corners, and try to surprise Astralis. So within the context of the game itself, with Astralis trying and failing to do anything at short or long, I quite liked the idea of HellRaisers just gambling three players at B at the beginning of the round in expectation that Astralis will hit B in the coming round rather than try to challenge long again. At the same time, they left woxic alone at long to try to hold it with some support from Hobbit. This gave HellRaisers a kind of backup plan if the gamble stack didn’t work as woxic can pull off crazy individual plays to steal a round.


Instead, Astralis were either one step ahead or decided to slow play it (it’s hard to know with them considering how many ideas they can use and execute at any given time). They instead slow played it out and were able to take long and thus either counter or completely miss ANGE1’s gambit to try to gamble his way to victory.


While it didn’t work, I respect how he tried to maximize his team’s chances of winning based on his team’s win conditions and the information he had on hand.

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