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Last nights CS:GO update gave people a bit of a scare. Valve’s most recent patch brought back an age old item that people have mixed feelings about.

The Ballistic Shield has been unlocked. Fear not, competitive and regular Counter-Strike players it’s only in Danger Zone. The item saw its debut back in the original Counter-Strike and allows players the ability to stand behind it and take little to no damage depending on where their enemies decide to fire.

Also unlocked were Firebombs and C4 which join as deployment perks just like the Ballistic Shield.

The new Danger Zone map of Sirocco also saw some slight adjustments and fixes.

Outside of Danger Zone, Train had three separate fixes applied including “some minor gaps in trains card.”

You can read the full patch notes below:

Release Notes for 5/7/2019

– Unlocked Ballistic Shield, Firebombs, and C4 as deployment perks.

– Fixed SVG files to load with consistent dimensions in different resolutions.
– Fixed a minor regression caused by molotov bouncing off sky surfaces.
– Fixed several exploits.

– Fixed spot where players could get hung up on train near A main.
– Fixed ladder on train closest to lower B entrance not being shift-walkable.
– Fixed some minor gaps in train cars.

– Added info_paradrop_denial entities to prevent paradrops from landing on top of the Kasbah towers.
– Fixed wall in Kasbah where bump mines fell through.
– Fixed hole in world at the bottom of the stepwell.
– Covered up a missing texture with roof edge models in the Kasbah.
– Added additional detail to some roof areas.

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