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Valve released an update to their popular first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive last night.

The update fixed a recently found boost spot near the A site on Overpass which allowed players to get an angle from a higher tier than the map was designed to offer. Another map adjustment came with Nuke having lighting issues involving static props fixed.

Another major aspect of the update wasn’t related to game play or map layout at all with the several players getting an updated signature as part of the StarLadder Major in Berlin. dexter, VINI, ableJ, KSCERATO, yuurih, and ANGE1 all received an update to their autograph stickers to more closely resemble the stickers they’d submitted.

Photo: Valve

Unfortunately for Team Liquid, their request to have their stickers updated seems to have fallen on deaf ears with their squad and team logo being left out of the list of updated stickers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch notes from 2019.08.19 –

[ BERLIN 2019 ]

– Updated autograph stickers for dexter, VINI, ableJ, KSCERATO, yuurih, ANGE1.


– Updated Linux dedicated servers Steam Client layer to the latest version which significantly improves TCP reconnect timeout in case of upstream connection drop.

[ MISC ]

– Added client-side settings to limit incoming invite sounds: cl_invites_only_mainmenu, cl_invites_only_friends.

[ MAPS ]

– Recompiled Nuke to fix several lighting problems on static props.

– Recompiled Overpass with an additional clipbrush at the back of A site.

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