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DreamHack Showdown Summer talent list revealed - Pansy returns to CS:GO

The broadcast team for the upcoming DreamHack Showdown Summer has been revealed. The two tournament all-women event will run from

Kjaerbye leaves North after 2.5 years

North have revealed the departure of Markus "⁠Kjaerbye⁠" Kjærbye effective immediately. The organization made a post on Twitter announced the

Valve adds "Trust Mode" to combat cheaters in CS:GO

Valve has officially added "Trusted Mode" to the live servers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The beta branch had been live

mertz benched from Singularity, new opportunity in August

Team Singularity has revealed that Daniel "mertz" Mertz has been moved to the bench. The Counter-Strike player will be moving

Liquid knocked out of cs_summit 6 by Gen.G, EG await in grand final

The Gen.G CS:GO roster has earned its place in the cs_summit 6 grand final after shocking Liquid in a best-of-three.

CS:GO port to Source 2 "not happening" according to Valve News Network owner

After months of anticipation from fans, it seems the long awaited port of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Source 2 is

Renegades make mithR official

Renegades have officially brought in a Dane to help guide their Counter-Strike team. Having been on trial with the team

es3tag officially joins Astralis, roster moves to seven players

Astralis has officially signed Patrick “es3tag” Hansen to their Counter-Strike roster. The move had been planned for months with the

DreamHack Open Summer team lists announced

DreamHack has revealed the complete team list for the upcoming DreamHack Open Summer event. Taking place as two separate online

First 18 teams revealed for ESL One Cologne

The first 18 teams invited to ESL One Cologne have been revealed. Only six spots remain vacant for the 24

cs_summit 6 Europe upper semifinals set - RMR points on the line

The opening round of playoffs is over and the upper semifinal matches are set. OG, Vitality, fnatic, and BIG have