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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The CS:GO majors are not only the most prestigious tournaments in the calendar year, but they are also the tournaments where results here often create roster shuffles. In this particular case, Mouz bombed out of the EU Minor and have removed lmbt, ChrisJ, and STYKO. With so many free agents out on the market, I’ve created a list of players and where I think they could go at the current situation.




Karrigan is a franchise defining player for any team in the world. Outside of Astralis, he could instantly improve nearly every team in the world. What’s interesting about him is that we’ve seen him use tactical and loose styles of play. The best move for him right now is Mouz. Mouz have the stars and have recently removed their in-game leader. If you look back at his career, he helped players like Rain, kioShima, and allu get back to career form. In the later iteration of FaZe, I’d argue that both olofmeister and GuardiaN had a boost in form after joining FaZe as well.




I think tarik’s best style of play is to be the aggressive playmaker and entry guy who makes space for the team. Someone who thrives in loose systems. While he did alright as a fill player in MIBR, it was clearly not something he was comfortable with. In tarik’s case, NA isn’t a good place for him right now. Liquid and NRG don’t need him (both ethan and brehze are already as good or better than tarik), and Cloud9 are likely still miffed at how he essentially abandoned them. CompLexity looked like his best chance, but with Mouz also removing STYKO, there is a chance he could be the fifth player for Mouz.




As a player, his best three qualities are: AWPing, playmaking, and space creation. While I wouldn’t want him as my number one star player, I think he’s great as a third or fourth option in a team. The current problem is that there are no great international or NA teams that need him at the moment. The best option I can think of is BIG as he’s essentially a better version of Smooya that can also rifle. This assumes that BIG still want to try a 6 man roster after the major or will be willing to replace nex with ChrisJ.




A fairly strong team player who thrives best in slower styles of Counter-Strike. He has a bit more options than ChrisJ as he can also play in the CIS region. I think the best place he could go to is HellRaisers as I think he’s an upgrade over deadfox. That move is only possible though if HellRaisers do worse than they expect at the major.




A coach who has a strong sense of fundamentals, roles, and systems. I don’t know how well he does with egos, but for any team that is looking for someone to hammer out the fundamentals and creative a cohesive system, he’s proven to be quite good.




While some people in the community are hyped about amanek’s prospects as the next French player, I just don’t see it. While he is a good player, the French scene has always shuffled based on politics and personality. In an interview with HLTV, NBK said that his style of play and personality was too similar to Happy. Given that both top French teams have had bad history with Happy, I don’t think AmaNEk will be joining a French team any time soon. I’d say his best bet is to join a NA team as many NA players till rank him quite highly due to his time on Misfits.




As far as I’m aware, Ex6TenZ and ScreaM are looking to create a team. I’m not feeling optimistic about this particular team given that none of the lower tier French players seem keen on playing with Ex6TenZ again. As for ScreaM, he’s too wishy-washy for me as a star player as he changes his roles too often so it’s hard to create a coherent system around him. What’s strange is that the combination of the two makes less sense as Ex6TenZ is a structured leader while ScreaM is a loose player. I think they should split up as their philosophies are inherently different. Ex6TenZ should give up on the French scene and see if he can rebuild his career playing in NA or in an international squad. The same thing for ScreaM.



After causing havoc in the tier2 scene, the grand chess master of the CS:GO world has moved on. Unlike the others, I have no presumptions on where FNS will move next as no mind is complex or sharp enough to read the future intentions and machinations of the Pujan.


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