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The second quarterfinals at Captains Draft 4.0 pitted Team Secret against Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately one of them had to go home at the end of the battle as the tournament playoffs are a single elimination affair.

Team Secret started off with a  crushing game one where they drafted a fast pushing line-up with a Shadow Shaman for their captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, and a signature Adrian “Fata” Trinks Razor.  EG had a pushing strategy of their own, with an offlane Pugna for Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and a Sven, who supposedly could have secured a smooth transition from mid stage to late game. However, things unfolded too fast for EG to execute their game plan. It was close to the 30 minute mark when the Boys in Blue secured the first favorable kill trade, taking down four of Secret with only one casualty on their side. That sole team fight offered the opportunity for them to take down Roshan and with the Aegis placed on Pugna and the Cheese on Sven they were able to pressure and corner Secret in their base.

In spite of tremendous efforts from SumaiL to take down a lane of barracks while having the Aegis, he didn’t succeed and Secret patiently held against the siege until the Aegis expired. From there on, Secret played around the Roshan respawn timer, secured the third kill on it and placed the Refresher Shard on the Shadow Shaman for the extra Serpent Wards, which in the end proved to be the winning move.

Heading into the second game of the series EG secured another pushing lineup and steamrolled over Secret with a Death Prophet – Juggernaut – Magnus core combo, all sustained from behind by a Warlock.

As anticipated, game three was highly contested, both teams fighting for their tournament lives. Without wishing to spoil you too much, it’s safe to say that the deciding game was a – SumaiL (on Beastmaster) and  Rasmus “MISERY” Filipsen (on Shadow Shaman)  versus Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng’s Pugna show. If you missed the series we highly recommend you to go check the replay.

With their victory over EG, Team Secret secured themselves a top four placement and another 90 Dota Pro Circuit points. The day will conclude in the DC Armory from Washington, DC with the best-of-three semifinals between team Secret and Mineski.  You can catch all the action live on moonduck’s channel.

headline picture courtesy of PGL 

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