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Captains Draft 4.0 Minor came to a close after a thrilling grand finals series between Team Secret and Vici Gaming.

Coming to Captains Draft Season 4, Team Secret were regarded as clear favorites, given their first place on the Pro Circuit leaderboards, and their run through the entire tournament matched everyone’s expectations. First to reach the grand finals, Team Secret looked like unstoppable in their effort to take home that shiny Mango trophy. However, the first three games against Vici Gaming delivered the unexpected. Secret got demolished in the laning stage of game one and only a miraculous comeback could have saved them. And that’s exactly what happened. After being down close to a 15k gold disadvantage in game one, Secret managed to pull an incredible team fight in front of the Roshan pit at the 38 minute mark, wiping out Vici Gaming to claim the victory in one fast high ground push right afterwards.

It was a hard to swallow and demoralizing outcome for the Chinese who dominated the entire game only to lose everything in the span of five minutes.

So, coming back to game two, VG made sure to not repeat the same mistakes and took the series lead with two convincing games on the back of a fierce Storm Spirit played by Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun in game two and a Templar Assassin in game three played by Zeng “Ori” Jiaoyang. Game four was by far the most exciting one. Vici Gaming were looking like they could have closed the deal and walk home with the tournament title after crushing it right from the start. Much like in game one, Secret were constantly pressured and never been able to contest VG’s farm. By the 30 minute mark they were already down to a 20k gold deficit and were fighting to hold on to their base. It was their remarkable coordination in defending the high ground that kept them alive. They managed to take down Paparazi’s Morphling twice and chased down Ori’s Death Prophet as well, which enabled the Europeans to run over VG and team wipe them in their own base to push the series in decisive game five.

Meepo and Arc Warden were available in the last draft of the series and as the risky Geomancer pick was ignored throughout the entire tournament every time it was available in the drafts, VG might have thought Secret won’t risk anything crazy for the decisive series, so they’ve also ignored the hero in the banning phase and took Arc Warded for themselves.

However, Meepo is a signature hero of Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard and Secret did surprise VG by choosing it as their last pick and for the first time in the bo5 grand finals they had the game in control from the start to the end. It was a fast 30 minute victory with Ace simply stealing the show.

Team Secret’s victory from Captains Draft 4.0 brings them another 150 DPC points per player and consolidates, even more, their leading position in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings. The next event for both Team Secret and Vici Gaming is the ESL One Genting Minor which is set to take place at the end of this month.

Captains Draft 4.0 Final Standings:

1st place: $108,000 + 150 DPC points – Team Secret
2nd place: $69,000 + 90 DPC points – Vici Gaming
3rd – 4th place: 37.500 +30 DPC points – Mineski, OG
5th-8th place: $12,000 – Team Empire, compLexity Gaming, Evil Geniuses, paiN Gaming

headline image courtesy of Alan “Nahaz” Bester via twitter

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