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Quincy Crew emerged champions of BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas by taking down CR4ZY 3-1 in an enthralling grand final. The NA team, who has become one the most dominant teams in the Americas region, did not drop a single series throughout the tournament and ended the event with 23 wins from 26 games (88.46% win rate). They found themselves trailing 0-1 in the grand final against CR4ZY, but got their act together to win three games in a row and take the series.

This could have all been very different though, had it not been for mistakes made by CR4ZY at the end of game 2. CR4ZY were at Quincy Crew’s throne and it was nearly down, but hFn’s Faceless Void caught Bryle’s Windranger in the Chrono and QC managed to bring down the entire opposition before the Ancient could be brought down. Had that gone as per the plan, CR4ZY would have lead the series 2-0 and it very well could have been a different story.

With that win, Quincy Crew cap off another tournament victory, bringing their tally to six tournament wins in the Americas region since May. Granted that it is a big fish in a small pond scenario, especially given that Evil Geniuses were either playing with a makeshift roster or weren’t playing at all, but it is an impressive achievement nonetheless. Once global tournaments resume, it will be interesting to see if Quincy Crew can take their good form on the road against the big teams from the other regions.

Quincy Crew tournament results (image: Liquipedia)

BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas placement and prize distribution

Quincy Crew (1st) – $21,000
CR4ZY (2nd) – $11,000
Infamous – $6,500
Thunder Predator – $4,500

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