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4 Zoomers formed right at the beginning of the coronavirus worldwide lockdown from March this year and despite being yet another stack trying to power through the online competitions, the five NA players have immediately become a threat in their region.

Up until this third season of BTS Pro Series, they always managed to reach the finals days of previous tournaments, except for the second season of PGA Dota PIT Americas where they finished top 6. With them placing two times in the third spot and finishing runners up earlier this month in the Divine division of OMEGA League, 4 Zoomers were regarded as one of the contenders for the finals at the third iteration of BTS Pro Series.

However, the mixed results in the group stage got them seeded in the playoff elimination rounds where they failed to survive through the first series. CR4ZY bested them 2-1 by outlasting their Drow-Vengeful Spirit duo in the first game, and with a strong mix of magic and physical damage draft in the third game of the series where the trio core Troll Warlord, Zeus and Bloodseeker gave no time and space to 4 Zoomers to develop the split push strategy that they had in mind.

In the other elimination series from last night, Thunder Predator cut through Infinity Esports to see another day in the tournament.

While 4 Zoomers and Infinity have been eliminated in the top eight, Quincy Crew continued to display the same dominant performance. They took down Team Brasil last night to reach the upper bracket finals where they will play against the winner of the beastcoast versus Infamous upper bracket semifinals scheduled to commence this Sunday at 12:00 PDT/21:00 CEST.

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