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The level of professionalism in organizational ownership just hit a new low in the Call of Duty scene. Justin “KOSDFF” Chandler, owner of Team Kaliber, allegedly had a sexual relationship with one TK’s partnered streamers who happens to be the girlfriend of FaZe Clan’s Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparratto.

The popular gaming streamer known as NuFo works for Team Kaliber but was in a relationship with ZooMaa who plays for FaZe Clan. When the allegations first surfaced that NuFo had been in a sexual relationship with Chandler, NuFo adamantly denied the accusation.

However, a couple of days later NuFo once again took to Twitter and admitted that she and Chandler had an alleged affair.


Esports has been ravaged by behavioral issues in 2018 with players from the Overwatch League being released from their contracts for allegedly soliciting minors and spouting off racial and homophobic epithets. This, however, is something new.


The DRAMAwatch League – DreamKazper’s Suspension

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