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The Asia division grand finals of ESL One Thailand are set to bring a big clash between the Indonesia pride team BOOM Esports and Philippine’s staple TNC Predator

BOOM Esports came in a great form into the lower bracket final with their eyes set on the grand finals and managed to take down Fnatic 2-1.  However, the series didn’t start all too well for BOOM as Fnatic out drafted and outplayed them in game one with a perfect Terrorblade coming from Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto. His 16/0/8 performance led to a nearly flawless Anti-Mage execution in game two, but although his team was able to prologue the match long enough for him to transition into an absolute beast, BOOM had a draft suited for both early and late game shenanigans and kept Fnatic pressured with a Riki-Storm Spirit-Slardar trio core to force a decisive game three.

Headed into the last game, Fnatic pushed one more late game strategy with a carry Naga Siren but found themselves completely outpaced by BOOM who brought a Morphling to the table who opted for a fast Manta Style into a 20 minutes Eye of the Skadi. By the 25-minute mark BOOM were already claiming the first lane of barracks giving Fnatic no time to farm or readjust and forced the GG call shortly after forcing Fnatic to bow out with just two kills.

Fnatic’s run came to an end in the third spot while BOOM Esports and TNC Predator are set to battle against each other for the ESL One Thailand title, tomorrow, September 6 at 15:00 PST/09:00 CEST.

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