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Defeated earlier this month by TNC Predator in a thrilling best-of-five ESL One Thailand grand finals, BOOM Esports took full revenge today over those who denied them the trophy last month. 

“I’m kind of getting motivated after losing to TNC,” told us Rafli Fathur “Mikoto” Rahman right after his team’s loss in the ESL One grand finals and promised his fans that BOOM Esports “will do better in the next tournament.”

BTS Pro Series Season 3: SEA is the next big battle that BOOM have been waiting for, and so far, they seem to keep their promise. After an impressive performance in the group play, they secured the second seed, just behind Among Us, who so far have completely dominated the competition. The second spot in the group meant a playoff upper bracket start for BOOM and their first adversaries were TNC Predator. Given the much disputed grand finals from ESL One Thailand, the fans expected a more balanced match-up today, but BOOM came prepared to crush the opposition.

Game one featured a plethora of evasive skills from BOOM, who drafted wisely to avoid getting decimated by TNC’s Sven. Nightmare, Windrun, Leap, Moonlight Shadow, plus a tanky Tidehunter nullified TNC’s game plan entirely, while also making their life miserable in the laning stage due to the classic Mirana-Bane kill threat. Despite having Aghanim’s – BkB on Sven pretty early, TNC managed to find just eight kills and had to admit defeat around the 35-minute mark when BOOM were invading their base.

Survivability and control were BOOM’s priorities in the second game as well, and once again their hero line-up stayed strong against a hyper aggressive draft from TNC, allowing them to take a dominant 2-0 victory and move into the upper bracket finals where they will play for a shot at reaching the grand finals versus Among Us.

BOOM Esports’ battle versus Among Us for a secured top two finish in the tournament is scheduled for tomorrow, September 26 at 06:00 CEST/12:00 PST, but until then, TNC Predator will return to the action later today, fighting with elimination on the line against NEW Esports.

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