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You Know Who is the newest entry in the Chinese professional scene. The team was finalized this week when the roster was locked on Valve’s official Major registration page. The team is formed and owned by the League of Legends veteran mid laner Wai “Wh1t3zZ” Lo, Worlds runner up with Royal in 2013.

Wh1t3zZ is a true legend in China, often called “that guys” as literally everyone in the scene knows him. He owns a competitive League of Legends team and now he is trying to build something for the Chinese up and coming Dota 2 players as well. You Know Who has three youngsters on the roster and two TI6 Champions joining the project. Wings Gaming’s Li “iceice” Peng is on the active line-up and Zhou “bLink” Yang is the team coach.

You Know Who

The Chinese outlet Max+ sat down with bLink who talked about the You Know Who project, how was the team formed and what goals they set for themselves. We are able to share with you the English translation of the interview courtesy of Blair Zheng.


Hello bLink and thank you for accepting to do this interview. You recently joined a team called You Know Who, can you tell us some details about this team? For example, are you going to be a player or a coach, where is the team based, have you already started a bootcamp?

Hello everyone, my role in the team is the waterboy (AKA coach). We are based in Shanghai and we have just gathered for a few days. We are currently playing in the qualifier of China Dota2 Development League. Both our position 1 (neo) and position 5 (hope) are rookies. Our position 2 is Zhang ”Zyd” Daquan, who’s played at TI before for Team Serenity. Position 3 is Xiaoyu, who’s been a stand-in for Yang in Vici Gaming, and our position 4 is iceice.

Except for Zyd and iceice, the rest of the team are all young talents, so did you scout them and how did you get in contact with them?

In terms of the roster, “that guy” (Wh1t3zZ) basically contacted all available players in China, and after an online trial, we decided who will be on the roster.

As a participant in China Dota2 Development League, how do you see such tournaments for youth teams? In the past few years, a lot of young talents have emerged in the west, such as Topson, who was scouted from pub games, while there aren’t many youngsters in China.

I think lower tier tournaments are really good. Actually, there are many talented young players in China, but they lack tournament experience and their playstyle is pub-like. They just need guidance and more practice.

Around the world, there are coaches like Bai “rOtK” Fan who creates game-plan and drafts for the team; there are also coaches like Titouan ”Sockshka” Merloz, who basically provides assistance and his own opinions to the team. What do you think will be your coaching style?

For now, I am getting to know their hero pool and play style so I can develop tactics and drafts around it. We may explore more after the next update because the patch right now is really not entertaining anymore.

I heard that Wings used to test the combos in Ability Draft and recently Ability Draft also became much more popular with the recommendation from many live streamers. Will you be training in Ability Draft mode in the future?

We won’t practice in Ability Draft, but it’s always nice to play some Ability Draft when we have time, and it can improve our understanding of hero abilities.

Dota2 has witnessed a drastic drop in player count in September and October, does it really mean that it’s becoming a “dead game”? Do you have any expectations for this game in the future?

It’s true that there are much fewer Dota players, but there are still a lot of fans who follow the tournaments. It’s like football and basketball. I hope Valve can work harder to give more updates and make some marketing strategies to attract new players.

Which of the new rosters looks the most promising to you and who do you think will win MDL Chengdu Major?

Evil Geniuses and Team secret, in terms of foreign teams. It’s hard to say who will win the Major. It can be VG, EHOME, TNC or EG.

You attended TI9 together with “iceice” as a caster, how do you feel about it? Do you have any interesting things to share with us?

It’s good and relaxing to do the things I love and to watch wonderful games. It felt great!

Any words for your fans?

Thank you very much for supporting me as well as watching my live stream! I will adapt to this new role ASAP and help our team achieve satisfactory results.

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