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The schedule has been released for the upcoming BLAST Pro Series Madrid event. The event will kick off with the Play-In Final between Movistar Rivers and Giants for the final spot in the event. Whoever wins will then play against Cloud9 in their opening match.

Per usual, there will be $250,000 on tap to be won alongside 10 points in the standings. The teams in the top four of the standings at the end of the 2019 season will earn a spot at the $500,000 Global Final taking place in December.

The previous event was won by FaZe who will be sitting this one out given the format of the event. Astralis will be looking to bounce back after a very disappointing showing in Miami.

You can find the full BLAST Pro Series Madrid schedule below:

Friday, May 10

(Play-in tournament)
10:15 –  Movistar Riders vs.  Giants | BO3
* Winner fills TBD slot

Round one
14:45 –  Cloud9 vs.  TBD | BO1
14:45 –  ENCE vs.  Natus Vincere| BO1
14:45 –  Astralis vs.  NiP | BO1

Round two
16:15 –  NiP vs.  ENCE | BO1
16:15 –  Cloud9 vs.  Natus Vincere| BO1
16:15 –  Astralis vs.  TBD | BO1

Saturday, May 11

Round three
09:00 –  Astralis vs.  Natus Vincere | BO1
09:00 –  Cloud9 vs.  ENCE| BO1
09:00 –  NiP vs.  TBD | BO1

Round four
10:20 –  Astralis vs.  ENCE | BO1
10:20 –  Cloud9 vs.  NiP| BO1
10:20 –  Natus Vincere vs.  TBD | BO1

Round five
11:40 –  Astralis vs.  Cloud9 | BO1
11:40 –  NiP vs.  Natus Vincere| BO1
11:40 –  ENCE vs.  TBD | BO1

13:00 – BLAST Pro Series Stand-off

14:00 – Grand final | BO3

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