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A new Dota Underlords patch is announced to be deployed later this week and it will bring plenty of hero and Alliance changes. Most heroes will receive considerable buffs, but that won’t be the case for Enigma and Tidehunter who will be a lot weaker starting with the new patch.

Tidehunter will get demoted from tier 5 units to tier 4 and will get his Alliances changed from Scaled, Hunter to Scaled, Warrior. The nerfs will touch his maximum health, while he will also lose all the health regeneration points. Tidehunter’s ultimate will not be that ravaging anymore as it will also get neferd by the fact that a lot of other heroes received HP, armor and regen buffs.

Tidehunter full changelog:

·         Alliance changed from Scaled Hunter to Scaled Warrior

·         Maximum Health changed from [950, 1900, 3800] to [850, 1700, 3400]

·         Gold Cost changed from 5 to 4

·         Draft Tier changed from 5 to 4

·         Health Regeneration changed from 5 to 0


·         Radius changed from [2, 3, 4] to [1, 2, 3]

·         Damage changed from [150, 250, 350] to [100, 150, 250]

·         Duration changed from [2, 2.5, 3] to [2, 2.25, 3]

While a Tidehunter ★★ had a great potential to change the game for you, a two-star Enigma was in most cases a secured victory. With the new patch, Enigma’s power won’t be that great anymore. The hero will remain in the tier 5 pool, but Midnight Pulse radius will be scaled down from [2, 3, 4] to [1, 2, 3] and the hero Alliances will be changed from Primordial, Warlock to Primordial, Shaman.

Dota Underlords new patch will feature a hefty amount of heroes blessed with buffs, and even a few Alliances that will get slightly stronger perks.

Full Alliance changes:

Warlock Alliance now targets the unit with the lowest health %, not lowest health value

Warlock Alliance lifesteal changed from [50%, 100%, 150%] to [50%, 80%, 130%]

Troll Alliance Tier 1 now provides 10% attack speed bonus to ALL allies.

Knight Alliance changed from [ -15, -20, -30 ] to [ -15, -20, -25 ]

Bloodbound Alliance extra damage changed from +100% to +125%

Heartless Alliance changed from [-5, -10, -20] to [-5, -10, -15]

Primordial Alliance now also has a 10% chance to disarm ranged attackers for 4 seconds

Scrappy Alliance now takes 2 units per level (down from 3) :

Level 1 – A random scrappy unit is granted +9 Armor and +8 HP regeneration

Level 2 – All scrappy units are granted +9 Armor and +8 HP regeneration

Level 3 – All allies are granted +9 Armor and +8 HP regeneration

[Armor and HP are doubled if you start the fight with less units than your opponent] is changed to [Armor and HP are doubled whenever you have fewer units alive than your opponent does].

Another important aspect is that summons will no longer be included in the spells targeting, except for the special summons like the Arc Warden clones and the Lone Druid Spirit Bear. This means that starting with the new patch we won’t see, for instance, a Doom or a Laguna Blade on the Venomancer Plague Wards. The full patch notes can be found here. Read them carefully as this new patch is a big one!

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