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Dota Auto Chess (DAC) test server reveals a new patch soon to be added to the game. According to the updates made yesterday on the test server, Dazzle is set to make his way into the game with a new class.

DAC test server received a couple of updates over the past few days, none of which has been implemented in the Dota 2 custom game yet.

Test server update April 17:

Dazzle: Priest-Troll

There is no info on the Priest bonus neither on Dazzle’s spells for Dota Auto Chess.  For the time being, Dazzle will be the only Priest and it’s a bit unclear which other Dota 2 heroes could fit in this new class. Perhaps a good option would be Chen who is yet to be added.

Tournament info and ranked seasons:

Recent Dota Auto Chess tournament information will be on Leaderboard, details like tournament results and rewards are also included.

Ranked Season has been added to the game. First season will last from May 1 to June 30. At the end of each season, players will receive awards based on their rank.

Test server update April 16:


– Movement mechanics of chess pieces has been updated

Currently, there are two types of movements in auto-chess. Move on ground (for short range) and jump (for long range). In this update, the range threshold of jumping has been changed to 300, meaning now when the pieces need to move two tiles vertically/horizontally or one tile diagonally, they will move on ground instead of jump. A reasonable assumption would be that this change is made to reduce the likelihood of abilities with projectile being dodged/disjointed by jumping.

Test server update April 13:


– Now upgraded items in courier inventory can be disassembled.

Balance updates:

– Venomancer: Plague Ward cooldown reduced from 5/5/5 to 5/4/3

– Mars: Instead of facing 4 directions, Mars now can attack with his shield from a diagonal direction.


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