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Valve announced a new patch to be released for Dota Underlords this coming Thursday, July 4.

Apart from gameplay updates, the new patch will feature the first Battle Pass. Valve calls it a Proto-Battle Pass, but it’s unclear if this would be only a test, and the players will be able to claim it for free to see how challenges and different kind of rewards would fit into the game or if it will come at a certain prize. Drodo Studio, the creators of the Dota Auto Chess mod have implemented a battle Pass back in June. The item wasn’t free, and it only introduced a few cosmetic upgrades and the possibility for the owners to vote for a new Chess piece to be added into the game. Most probably, Valve’s Dota Underlords Battle Pass will come with a bit more features.

Alliances and heroes

With the game being in an open Beta stage for nearly two weeks now and a few Alliances already tbalanced, it’s time for the Warlocks and Shamans to be looked into. As of now the Warlock and Shaman Alliances give the following bonuses:

Warlock Alliance

2 – Allies gain 15% Lifesteal

4 – Allies gain 30% Lifesteal

6 – Allies gain 60% Lifesteal

Shaman Alliance

2 – A random enemy is turned into a frog for 6 seconds at the start of the combat

Besides the Alliance bonus getting a rework, Valve has also announced that there will be tweaks to the units part of these Alliances, however, they haven’t mentioned if all the units/heroes or just some of them will suffer a change.

Tomorrow’s update will also introduce three more items to the game and “some” experimental features.

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