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Dota Auto Chess test server received a new update today, April 27, with a new chess piece to join the Elf-Druids.

Io will act like a Druid, but with a twist. The chess piece will help any other two non Druids to level up to a two star or three star piece. However for now, Io himself can’t be upgraded to a three star piece.

Test server update April, 27


New Chess Piece: Io (Elf/Druid)

  • 1 star Io can be used as an all-arounder piece to help  any other allied 1 star piece to level up;
  • 2 star Io can be used as an all-arounder piece to help  any other allied 2 star piece to level up;
  • There is no 3 star Io.

Io costs 4 gold and the amount of Io in one game equals the amount of 5 gold pieces in that game.

Only one Io piece can be used when helping other pieces to level up

Removed Ogre Magi and Lich from the chess pool.

Added Wolf Howl voice at round 15 to remind players to reposition their chess pieces.


  • Ogre trait “Two Heads” reworked: All allied pieces max hp increased by 5%. Bonus max hp from different Ogre pieces does not stack.
  • Mage Synergy: Magic Resistance reduction changed from -45/-35 to -35/-45
  • Knight Synergy: Divine Protection proc chance changed from 40%/40% to 40%/30%

Alchemist is now Goblin/Ogre/Warlock.

Tes server update April 26


When there are only two players left in a game, both players will receive a fatigue debuff after 5 rounds.

Fatigue: All couriers health points get halved.

Added a button for you to check more detailed information (Your on-board chess star level, your on-board synergies, total damage dealt to other couriers, etc.)


  • Shallow Grave duration reduced from 5s to 4s
  • Priest Trait “Shield” damage reduction changed from 30% to 20%

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